Upcycling And Recycling

What Every Food Service Business Should Know About Trash Compactors

Food service businesses have unique needs when it comes to trash disposal because of the volume of waste and the general cost of the disposal. As a restaurant owner, you need to be aware not only of how much waste you're generating, but also of how secure it is between pickups. After all, restaurant waste is an attraction for rodents and pests of all kinds. One way to combat that risk and minimize the volume of your restaurant's waste production is by investing in a trash compactor. Read More 

Good Uses For Those Old Bottles

Before you recycle your bottles, you should see if you can use them for something else. You can do a lot of different crafts with bottles that are fun and that give you unique items to decorate your house with. Read this article to learn about some great things you can do with some of those bottles. Make decorative vases you can write on Remove all the labels from the outside of the bottle and wash it. Read More 

Reduce Your Home’s Clutter With The Help Of Your Recycling Bin

When it comes to decluttering a messy home, many people choose to roll up their sleeves and start tossing unwanted items in the garbage. While this approach can certainly transform the look of the home in a relatively short amount of time, it's not necessarily the most environmentally friendly way to reduce the clutter. Before you begin the process of cleaning out your home, think about what things you'll be able to recycle. Read More 

3 Easy Steps To Manage Trash During A Community Event

Whenever large groups of people get together, they'll probably produce large amounts of trash and waste. If you are planning a neighborhood block party, a community concert or any other large gathering, especially one that involves food and beverages, you need a plan to keep the area clean and to deal with the refuse. While managing the garbage isn't fun or glamorous, it's still an important part of event planning. Here are some things to address in your waste management plan. Read More 

Three Ways Your Trash Hauling Service Can Be Your School’s Partner In Education

Schools need trash hauling to help keep their buildings clean and sanitary, but trash-hauling services can also be your partner in teaching your students about environmental awareness and sustainability. Here are just a few ways your trash-hauling service can give your students valuable learning experiences. Fundraising Recycling Programs From cans and bottles to printer ink cartridges, there are many everyday items your students can collect for recycling programs. Some trash-hauling companies offer recycling programs that pay schools money for these collected items, and the recyclables can be picked up from your school along with your trash for added convenience. Read More