Good Uses For Those Old Bottles

Before you recycle your bottles, you should see if you can use them for something else. You can do a lot of different crafts with bottles that are fun and that give you unique items to decorate your house with. Read this article to learn about some great things you can do with some of those bottles.

Make decorative vases you can write on

Remove all the labels from the outside of the bottle and wash it. After it has dried, paint it with chalkboard paint and set it in a dust-free room to dry all the way. Once it is dry, you can fill it with a little bit of water and put some flowers in it. Take a piece of chalk and write a special message or draw a picture on the outside of the bottle, which has now become a vase.

Make holiday decorations

Take a few bottles, remove the labels, wash them and allow them to dry. Paint each bottle with a color that signifies the holiday you are decorating for. For example, if it is Christmas time, you can go with red, green, gold and white. If it is Thanksgiving, you can paint them in fall colors such as red, orange, brown and yellow. Also, hand paint decorative designs on them. You can add a ribbon around the top and set them out as-is for a great looking addition to your holiday decorations.

Make rustic vases

Prepare some bottles in the same way as described for the projects above. Once they are dry, paint them in flat colors that go with a rustic theme. A few examples of these colors would include teal, rust or white. Allow the paint to dry all the way. Once it has dried, take a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and go over some small areas of the bottles to help give them an aged appearance. Once they are finished, you can display flowers in them, or simply set them out as decorations on their own.

Make a decorative light

Take a bottle and clean it just as you would do for all the projects above. Grab a short string of decorative holiday lights in the colors of your choosing. You can use lights that blink, if you choose. Put the lights down into the bottle most of the way, only leaving out enough of the end to plug in to the nearest electrical outlet. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle and turn on the lights. Now you have a unique lamp.

Once you put the bottles you choose to good use, you can go ahead and recycle the rest of them at the nearest recycling center. For more information about bottle recycling and other recycling ideas, click here to read more.