Just Purchased Your First Rental Home? What Should You Do With Outdated Or Non-Functioning Appliances?

If you've recently signed closing papers on your first rental home, you're likely equal parts nervous and excited about your new venture. Outfitting a rental home for service can be an exhausting and expensive process, and you'll want to save money wherever possible -- on the other hand, you may be reluctant to try to solicit tenants with outdated or semi-functioning appliances like a refrigerator with a broken icemaker or a stove with only three burners. Read More 

Keep an Eye out for Recyclable Computer Materials

Not every recyclable metal, mineral, or other material follows the same recycling rates. Prices vary all of the time and may not be consistent between materials, sometimes meaning that the price of a full computer unit may not always match the value of what is inside. Keep an eye on the following materials and their locations in computers to know what needs to be scrapped if individual prices are better. Read More 

Important Tips To Help You Get The Most Benefit From Your Next Dumpster Rental

If you are planning to have some construction work done on your home in the near future, it is very important to choose the most appropriate dumpster for your needs. That means that you will need to allow for the projected total size of the items that are being disposed of and that you have a safe space for your dumpster to reside. In addition, it is often necessary to choose different dumpsters to get rid of different materials. Read More 

What Every Food Service Business Should Know About Trash Compactors

Food service businesses have unique needs when it comes to trash disposal because of the volume of waste and the general cost of the disposal. As a restaurant owner, you need to be aware not only of how much waste you're generating, but also of how secure it is between pickups. After all, restaurant waste is an attraction for rodents and pests of all kinds. One way to combat that risk and minimize the volume of your restaurant's waste production is by investing in a trash compactor. Read More 

Good Uses For Those Old Bottles

Before you recycle your bottles, you should see if you can use them for something else. You can do a lot of different crafts with bottles that are fun and that give you unique items to decorate your house with. Read this article to learn about some great things you can do with some of those bottles. Make decorative vases you can write on Remove all the labels from the outside of the bottle and wash it. Read More