Reduce Your Home’s Clutter With The Help Of Your Recycling Bin

When it comes to decluttering a messy home, many people choose to roll up their sleeves and start tossing unwanted items in the garbage. While this approach can certainly transform the look of the home in a relatively short amount of time, it's not necessarily the most environmentally friendly way to reduce the clutter. Before you begin the process of cleaning out your home, think about what things you'll be able to recycle. It's easy to recycle certain items instead of place them in your garbage, and you'll feel like you're doing a good service for the environment when you make the effort. Here are some things that might be cluttering your home that you can recycle.

Outdated Paperwork

Your desk, filing cabinet and even boxes in your cupboard can be inundated with paperwork that you no longer need to keep. While it's important to keep tax records for a certain amount of time, depending on the nature of the documents and your employment status, some people make the mistake of holding onto these documents for too long – and cluttering their home in the process. Start going through your paperwork and toss things that you don't need in the recycling bin. If they're of a sensitive nature, shred them first.

Old Magazines

It's easy to hang onto old magazines with the intention of reading them again, but this can rarely happen for some people. Whether you're a magazine subscriber or you enjoy picking them up at the newsstand, you can quickly find yourself inundated with these products. The good news is that you can toss them directly in your recycling bin and they'll be carted away by your local recycling contractor.

Certain Collections

Some collections that you no longer want to keep might end up in the local landfill, but others can be recycled. Think about the nature of your old collections and determine if they're recyclable. For example, if you're a sports fan, old sports cards with no real value can be put in your recycling bin. Likewise, plastic souvenir cups – perhaps you've collected them at local movie theaters or fast-food restaurants – can also be recycled, provided they have a recycling logo and number on the bottom.

Unused Electronics

In most cases, unused electronics can't be placed in your curbside recycling bin, but many cities have designated drop-off areas for these items. Old computer products, CD players and other such electronic devices that you no longer use don't have to go the landfill; find your local electronics depot online and make plans to drop off your things. Contact a business, such as Uribe Refuse Services Inc, for more information.