Copper Wire Buyers And Recycling

Copper is commonly used in electrical wiring due to its durability. It keeps the electrical flow going, keeping better connectivity longer than other metals. Because it's so durable, copper doesn't break down efficiently, and copper wiring is coated in plastics, making deterioration even more difficult. During a project, there is always waste. Instead of adding more to landfills, try recycling your unused or scrap copper wiring. 

Why Recycle?

Before starting a project, consider finding a local copper wire buyer for your cable and wire waste. This will not only save time later when scrap starts to pile up, but help fund your projects and benefit the world around you. 

Landfill build-up is only a part of the issue when it comes to reasons for recycling. Plastics that aren't recyclable will not break down easily, and all plastics ever made still exist unless recycled properly. Other kinds of recycling are just as important for the environment. The best way to help is to reuse what you can and help materials be repurposed instead of adding to landfills.

Metals like copper can damage the earth by poisoning animals and causing the cessation of plant growth. To avoid further damage to the planet and fellow animals, human beings must be responsible for their waste in personal and business matters. Look into businesses that prioritize sustainability, and have good resources for your copper recycling needs. 

How Does Pricing Work?

Stripping your copper cables can take too much time and is laborious on the hands while being hazardous as well. Some buyers that recycle copper can buy insulated cables from you, as they have machines that are able to strip out the copper safely and more quickly than by hand. However, these buyers will usually pay less per pound for whole wires and cables versus per pound of bare bright copper wire that has been stripped free. 

Different kinds of copper cables will have varying amounts of copper recovery available. This variation in copper percentage also affects the cost per pound, and the higher the percentage, the more money a buyer is willing to spend. The quality of that copper also affects how recyclable and valuable it can be. Burned, damaged, or deteriorated copper will not be purchasable nor easily recyclable. 

If you want to learn more about copper recycling, reach out to a copper wire buyer in your area. They can explain more about the importance of recycling and their specific rates.