5 Different Types Of Landscape Rocks To Use In Your Yard

If you are getting ready to redo the landscaping around your home, you will want to seriously consider what type of rocks you will use in your landscaping. Landscaping rocks are a great way to bring your outdoor designs together. However, it is important to understand your options and what each type of rock is best used for when it comes to landscaping rocks.

#1: Marble Chips

Marble is not just for your countertops. Marble chips can look nice when used in your landscaping. The marble chips are larger, more like the size of regular gravel than pea gravel. Marble chips are generally white to greyish in color tone. They have a sleek and classy look and add a part of white when used to cover up the soil in your gardens.

The one thing you need to be aware of is that placing marble chips is that they can decrease the pH level of the soil, so don't place marble chips around any plants that require a high pH level.

#2: Brick Chips

Brick chips are made from grounding up old brick fragments and turning them into chips or gravel that can be used outside. Brick chips are usually red and brown in color. They are chunky and oversized and provide good traction. Brick chips, due to their size, are great to use for creating pathways in your yard. They also work well for driveways.

#3: River Rock

Another popular landscaping option is river rocks. River rocks contain many different color hues, from black to grey to white to browns. The different colors help enhance the visual appeal of this rock. In addition, river rocks have a smooth texture. They are commonly used for garden borders, pathways, and dry creek beds. River rock is also great when setting up drainage pathways on your property.

#4: Lava Rock

If you want something with bolder colors, you may want to consider using lava rock. Lava rock can be white, grey, or reddish-brown, depending on where the lava rock is from. One of the great things about lava rock is that the rock naturally absorbs heat during the day and releases heat during the night. Lava rock is also one of the most lightweight rocks there is, making it easy to spread around your garden and easy to transport to your garden.

#5: Pea Gravel

Finally, a very popular form of rock for landscaping is pea gravel. Pea gravel is tiny and is usually the size of a pea, hence the name. The color of pea gravel can vary from white to brown to tan. It can be used to cover a driveway, create a pathway, cover up dirt around a flowerbed, or fill space between pavers.

There are lots of uses for landscape rock around your garden. The key is to figure out where you need to use it and then finding the best rock for that space. Contact a company like Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc to see what rocks they have available.