Three Ways Your Trash Hauling Service Can Be Your School’s Partner In Education

Schools need trash hauling to help keep their buildings clean and sanitary, but trash-hauling services can also be your partner in teaching your students about environmental awareness and sustainability. Here are just a few ways your trash-hauling service can give your students valuable learning experiences.

Fundraising Recycling Programs

From cans and bottles to printer ink cartridges, there are many everyday items your students can collect for recycling programs. Some trash-hauling companies offer recycling programs that pay schools money for these collected items, and the recyclables can be picked up from your school along with your trash for added convenience. You may also be able to request for an employee to come to your school to speak about recycling and how each student can make a positive impact on the environment

Organics Recycling

Students taking home economics or cooking classes can learn about sustainability through organics recycling programs. Your trash-hauling company can put a program in place that can be used in the classroom and in your school's cafeteria to minimize the amount of food scraps and other organic materials placed in your school's dumpsters. The hauling company can remove the organic materials for use at an off-site compost location, and it may also be able to provide classroom training materials for use in science courses.

Special Event Recycling And Trash Hauling

Sporting events, dances and other special events at your school can mean extra trash, and they can also result in litter on your school grounds. Your trash hauling company can work with your school and its student groups planning these events to keep the campus clean. The company can work with your students to show them how to determine what type of trash pickup and recycling options will be needed for the event. These might include temporary recycling bins and stations, strategic placement of trash receptacles and determining if an extra dumpster will be needed for each event. By partnering together, your students can learn about different aspects of event planning they might not have considered before, and you will have a trash-hauling plan to keep your school neat and tidy after events.

Your local trash hauling company can do more than simply pick up your school's waste every week. Work with the company to create educational opportunities and recycling programs that help to reduce your school's trash output and teach your students about environmental responsibility as part of a well-rounded education.