Own A Business? 3 Steps To Reduce The Waste

If you haven't implemented waste management practices at a business level, you're missing the opportunity to do more for the environment. Your business generates a considerable amount of waste, even if you haven't noticed it yet. In fact, each employee you have contributes to the waste that your company generates on a daily basis. Not to mention all the waste that's generated through normal operations. Here are three steps you can take to implement a waste management system for your business.

Reduce the Amount of Waste

When it comes to an effective waste management system, it's crucial that you work towards reducing the amount of waste that's generated by your company. The first thing you should do is look towards ordering supplies and equipment that come with minimal packaging. Next, get a handle on the amount of copying and printing that goes on in the office. The excess paper that's used is put right back into the waste stream that your company generates.

Encourage your employees to copy and print only the amount that they need for each specific project. If extra copies are generated, use the extras for scratch paper. Finally, switch from paper products in the break room. When you discontinue the use of paper cups and plates, you generate less paper waste. Toss out the paper coffee cups and encourage your employees to bring in their own coffee mugs.

Reuse the Waste You Generate

If you send and receive packages on a regular basis, start reusing the packaging materials. Break down the boxes you receive for use in your own packaging. Save the packing peanuts and bubble wrap contained in the packages for future use, as well. If you receive shipments on wood pallets, encourage your employees to use the wood for home craft products. You can also offer those pallets to the community for reuse.

Take Recycling to the Next Level

If you're not business isn't involved in a recycling program, it's time to get started. Begin by having an extra dumpster delivered to your shop; one that's designated for recycling. Next, bring in additional trash cans for use around the office. Encourage your employees to sort the garbage that's sent out each day, including any aluminum cans, plastic containers or glass bottles that are emptied in the break room. With an active recycling program, you can reduce the amount of waste that your company generates annually.

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